Some Key Dates for Your Interest!

Opening Ceremony: 5th August


Our first day of racing: 10th of August (11th of August about 4am NZ time!)

We then race all the way through to the 18th of August which is our scheduled medal race day, although we do have a reserve day on the 19th just in case!

It’s then off to the closing ceremony on the 21st of August and the whole team will arrive home bright and early (4.30am!) on the 24th…

And a few links to keep you up to date: World Sailing Regatta website, NZ Olympic Committee website. Rio Olympic Sailing website.

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2 Responses to Some Key Dates for Your Interest!

  1. Jake Millar says:

    Hi Team Jolly,
    Good luck for the Rio Olympics. You made New Zealand proud in London in 2012 by winning gold and I hope it is the same this time.

  2. Iain Ansell says:

    GO girls! best crew on and off the water. Your class in getting on with the job despite the DQ dramas is to be admired. Don’t worry, we all know who the best 470 sailors in the world are. Go get them

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