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Team Jolly are: Jo Aleh and Polly Powrie.

After a three month stint sailing together in 2006-7 in a 420 – which they finished off by winning the 420 World Championships at Takapuna, NZ.  Jo and Polly joined forces again in late 2008, this time in the 470 with their eyes squarely focused on the 2012 London Olympics. After an impressive four years of campaigning, with multiple successes at World Cup and World Championship level, they topped it off by winning the Gold medal in style at the 2012 London Olympic Games.

Jo and Polly (Team Jolly)  started off their new campaign for Rio 2016 with a World Champs win in 2013, and have added multiple World Cup and European Championships medals to their list of accomplishments.  They are on track for Rio, and will be doing anything and everything they can in the remaining time to ensure they have the best opportunity of succeeding in their goal of winning Gold at the 2016 Olympic Games

Check out this video to see their “Road to London 2012”.

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